Monument Valley

Monument Valley

On our way to Moab, Utah we stopped at Monument Valley. Monument Valley is located on Navajo land on the border of Arizona/ Utah. This was my favorite national park! The red rocks were so captivating.
To enter the national park you must pay $20 (price can change depending on car, RV, bike). They give you a road map that highlights the different monuments and look out spots. There’s a couple of ways you can drive through this national park. You can either take a tour or you can drive it yourself, depending on what kind of car you have. The roads are dirt roads with some bumps and holes. So, if you have a smaller car it might be tough, but it is still possible! We drove it ourselves, so we could take our time. At every monument you can stop and park and get out to take some photos. It can take up to 2-3 hours to see all the monuments give or take. Depends how long you take photos lol.
All the monuments were so beautiful! It’s amazing to see these natural structures and how they are formed.

Monument Valley is also a famous filming location for the movie Stagecoach which starred John Wayne. There is a point called john Fords Point Overlook which is named after the director, John Ford, of the movie Stagecoach. At this stop you can pay $5 and take a picture with a horse, best $5 I have ever spent! Make sure whoever is taking the photo changes the camera setting to vivid. The Navajos taught me this trick and it makes the colors of the red rocks stand out so much more!
We left Monument Valley heading towards Moab and on this road is a point called Forrest Gump Point. Here is a great scenery of Monument Valley from the distance! We took a photo together here (see pics below).
This was one of my top 3 favorite spots on our road trip. Don’t pass up a trip to Monument Valley because it is beautiful.

Side note, driving through the Indian reservation is so fun! There’s fun places to stop and eat Indian food and shop cool jewelry! We also saw a lot of wild horses!

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